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Yi-Chen Chiang is an award winning composer. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, she has been immersed in music for 20 years. Her musical journey started when she first touched the piano at age 4. At 11, she started to write music with classical training. As a composer, Yi-Chen is experienced in film scoring, composition and orchestration. She is proficient in a wide range of genres, including orchestral, classical, drama, romance, suspense, horror, action, epic, classical dancing musical, world, city pop and music for anime.

Across her many diverse projects, Yi-Chen has garnered significant acclaim and accolades globally for her music scoring work. She stands as the First Prize Winner of the International Music Competition Vienna in the Composition category in 2023. She also holds the esteemed Jon Vickers Film Scoring Award for 2021/2022. Her exceptional talent has been recognized with the Best Score/Composition award at Montage Film Festival in 2023, and she was a finalist of the Best Original Music category at the Golden Sugarcane Film Festival in 2018. Several films scored by Yi-Chen have been nominated for various awards in a wide selection of film festivals, including the International Festival Signs of the Night (Paris), Seoul International Senior Film Festival, Nara International Film Festival, Croatia Diversions International Short Film Festival, and Singapore International Film Festival.

Currently, Yi-Chen is working in the Los Angeles music industry as a Music Editor and Audio/Video QC Specialist at Craigman Digital where she works with several major artists through the Warner Music Group. She is also an artist in Petrichor Records, was commissioned to create music for Indiana University Cinema, as well as serves as a Music/Sound Designer for Fu Jen Creative Design Center. As a dedicated collaborator, she writes professional and customized music for visual media. She loves to create and explore the most suitable music for each film.


Yi-Chen earned her Master of Music degree in Music Scoring for Visual Media and Composition Minor at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, studying under Prof. Larry Groupé, Prof. Steven Wayne Thomas and Prof. P. Q. Phan, as well as collaborating with professors, filmmakers and musicians to achieve breakthroughs in her composition style.

In Fu Jen Catholic University, where she held her Bachelor of Music and Fine Arts degree, she majored in Applied Music (film scoring, sound effect, audio mixing), minored in Composition and Recording, and double majored in Communication Arts (film production) which helped her stand out from the other composers because she has a working knowledge of film shooting and production.

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