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October 2022

Sweet Bitter

July 2021

Cœur Fidèle (The Faithful Heart)

  • Winner, Jon Vickers Film Scoring Award (2021/2022)

  • Original 84-minute score for chamber orchestra, presented live to picture for the 1923 French impressionist classic silent film "Cœur Fidèle." Composed score, orchestrated it, prepared score and parts. Premiered on Sunday, February 6th, 2023, 2:30 pm at Indiana University Cinema. Oversaw rehearsals, performance, recording sessions, and editing.

May 2021

The Limbo's Voyage

  • Nominated for Best Experimental Film, Venice Shorts Film Festival (2021)

  • Finalist, Vancouver Indie Film Festival (2021)

  • Official Selection, First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (2022)

May 2019


May 2019


February 2018

November 2017


July 2022

Killing Reagan

  • Rescore for the 2016 American television drama film "Killing Reagan", placed Runner-Up in Screen Music Program Competition, hosted by MERRY-GO-SOUND, Milan, Italy

  • String Quartet performed, recorded and produced by Alessandro Cosentino, Groove Factory Recording Studio in Bologna, Italy (7/20/2022)

  • Orchestra performed and recorded by Budapest Art Orchestra in Budapest, Hungary (4/23/2021)

February 2023

The Oceanmaker

  • Rescore for an award-winning short film "The Oceanmaker," was selected as one of the Semi-Finalists in 2022 Petrichor International Music Competition (Category: Film / Video Game / Animation Music) out of several hundred applications from 51 countries

  • Offered Petrichor Records Publishing Award, featured on one of the albums in the Petrichor Records Special Edition Series, and globally distributed to all major streaming platforms and download stores, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and Youtube, and a wide variety of other mainstream and niche vendors

  • Performed and recorded by Budapest Art Orchestra in Budapest, Hungary. (12/3/2020)

April 2016


March 2023

The Little Princess

April 2023

Dancing Man

May 2023

Cœur Fidèle (The Faithful Heart)

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