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Yi-Chen Chiang Lends a Talented Ear to Famous Works in Hollywood

Mike Winston

Apr 1, 2023

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One of the projects Yi-Chen refers to is her work on the recent twentieth anniversary rerelease of Linkin Park’s most successful album Meteora. Recognized as the eighth best-selling album of the twentieth century, Meteora was a global success for Linkin Park. The rerelease of the album includes the highly anticipated previously unreleased “Lost.”

While success in the world of entertainment may seem serendipitous, this is absolutely not the case. Years of honing skill and talent are the required assets which allow one to succeed once opportunity presents itself. For Yi-Chen Chiang, her achievement of working on projects for some of the biggest music artists in the world was the product of years of study and work…plus being in Los Angeles at the precise time someone recognized her expertise. As a music editor for Craigman Digital Inc. (a subcontracted media production company), she works with Warner Music Group on a daily basis.

The excitement of finding herself in the capitol of America’s music and film industry is not lost on Ms. Chiang who states, “At first it was a little surreal. It’s a really exciting feeling when you have to pull down an album to work on as part of your day job and it’s from one of your favorite artists. You really feel a deeper connection with the names you’ve known and appreciated for such a long time. I’d have to step back for a second every now and then just to say to myself, ‘Did I really just get to work on a Linkin Park video?’”

“Over time it starts to become more of the norm, maybe a little less exciting, but you develop a greater respect for the work and artistry that goes into all of it. To some extent it’s also a little empowering, especially as someone who gets to see these projects before they ever hit the market, and in many cases before all the kinks are worked out. Knowing that even the biggest names can make mistakes — and that those mistakes can be fixed and turned into something wonderful — is really inspiring.”

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