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Music Composer Yi-Chen Chiang Channels Classic “Singin’ in the Rain” for Award-Winning Short “Dancing Man”

Ashley Collie

May 23, 2023

Vocal Media Beat

Dancing Man recognized for Best Score/Composition at Montage Film Festival 2023

“We asked Yi-Chen to do a number of difficult things, one of which was to deliver the scores of the films dance sequences before production began. When we got the first drafts of those scores, we immediately knew that we were onto something and they deserved to be recorded. Part of her challenge was to pay homage to the style of classic Hollywood musicals. The authenticity and approachability of the score was key to the success of Dancing Man.”—Robert Steven Mack, co-director, writer and producer for the film Dancing Man,

Yi-Chen Chiang is an award-winning composer, who recently won the First Prize at the 2023 Caneres International Music Competition, Vienna, in the (music) Composition category for the romance-drama The Faithful Heart. And, she’s earned other accolades composing for a variety of movie genres. But her innovative work for the dance-drama movie Dancing Man, which pays homage to the classic dance-comedy Singin’ in the Rain, allowed her to reverse many regular ways of adapting a score to a film. Plus, her outstanding creative work on Dancing Man has been recognized for Best Score/Composition, Montage Film Festival 2023, and Best Local Film, Grand Bloomington Indiana Film Festival 2023. The film is still on the festival circuit attracting attention, its soundtrack composed by Yi-Chen will soon be released on its own through Petrichor Records, and there are plans to turn the project into a feature-length film.

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