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Composer Yi-Chen Chiang’s Timeless Score for Cœur Fidèle

Corey Matthews

May 22, 2023


Music is a time machine for so many of us. It can place us in the exact emotional state when a certain song became a touchstone of a time and place in our lives that impacted us profoundly. Composer Yi-Chen Chiang pushed this theory to its limits by creating a score for a century old film.

As winner of the Jon Vickers Film Scoring Award, Ms. Chiang was commissioned to create a full score for the eighty-four-minute long 1923 film Cœur Fidèle (French for “The Faithful Heart”). Her creation premiered February at the Indiana University Cinema, one of the best-equipped movie venues in the United States. Yi-Chen’s composition was heralded across Europe as breathing both new and authentic life into this one-hundred-year-old avant-garde French impressionist work of director Jean Epstein. As recently as May 15th, her film score won First Prize in the Composition category at the International Music Competition, Vienna. Magnificently, Ms. Chiang has proven that music is the common and unspoken unifier regardless of language, culture, or time.

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